Due to lack of uniformity and absence of central amongst planner army schools all over Pakistan Army Public School & Colleges System was formed on 7th October 2006.

Ever since tremendous charges have taken place in the following areas: -

 a.       Curriculum Development: 

After meticulous research and deliberation central curriculum alongwith weekly syllabus breakup was devised. Book lists alongwith publishers discount were sent out to schools

 b.       Teachers Training Programme:

Required teacher training is being imparted by the trainers from the APSACS.

 c.       Assessment and evaluation Procedures:

The examination system upto class III has been abolished. Continuous assessment is the criteria of judgement of the students' performance in class. Senior classes will have a centralized examination.

 d.       Evaluation Programme for Schools

Formal and informal visits by the RC and the team from APSACS to evaluate our performance are taking place.



Special emphasis is given to creating children’s understanding of their Islamic beliefs that would shape their attitudes and accomplishments all their lives. Love for the motherland is the guiding principle behind all education programmes and training.



a.       Character Building

b.       Creativity

c.       Communication Skills 

a.       CHARACTER BUILDING: Motivational talk on moral, ethical and national issues by the Principal is an effort towards character building of our young souls. Teachers are expected to reinforce pep talk every day. No effort is spared that can contribute to the personality development of each individual.

b.       CREATIVITY: Creative thinking is about generating ideas and increasing the breadth of perception. Creative thinking can be learned and developed. All forms of study should allow for some use of creative, divergent or lateral thinking: - 

Ø     Children are given a chance to think in new way by escaping from established ideas.

Ø     Rote-learning is strictly discouraged.

Ø     Spoon-feeding is forbidden children are encouraged to use their minds.

Ø     Students are expected to write their own answers, make sentences and compose poems and short essays.

Ø     New methodologies like project work, co-operative learning and portfolios are all part of our daily practice.

c.       COMMUNICATION SKILLS: A proper syllabus to improve English spoken skills has been devised. Teachers and parents are motivated to speak English all the time.



At Junior Academy we feel that continuing improvement of teaching pedagogies is imperative & we encourage personal growth of our teaching faculty through periodic workshops. Lectures, In service teaching development programmes by APSACS and SPELT are regular feature of LGES.



Guidance and Counselling cell helps & guides the children who face difficulties in studies and have behavioral problems due to psychological reasons.



The training & evaluation department has launched a training program targeting heads, master trainers and teachers. The main objective is to groom teachers as capable, committed and competent individuals who are able to do justice to the sacred offices they bear.