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One of the most important component of a good school is the partnership between school and parents who work together for the best interest of children. The close partnership between home and school is one of the exceptional strengths at Garrison Junior Academy.
In the most successful classrooms, teachers have established specific routines for the children to follow. This means giving the children a specific place to find and achieve their academic excellence in meaningful interaction with teachers & other pupils. These classroom routines are blended with the teacher’s consistent standards of instructions, cooperation, opportunity & participation for all. This daily routine helps the children to feel secure, understand environment and fulfill their learning needs through positive contribution.
At home, it is also important to provide routines. Many families build a daily “quiet time” when the television is turned off. This quiet time provides students the opportunity for completing school work or for recreational reading if there is no homework. The routine of a daily quiet time provides an opportunity to develop self-discipline, stimulate imagination, and enhance reading skills.
Hopefully we can provide time for our children to be children. As children grow and learn, they find joy and satisfaction in working closely with their families & school towards a common goal. It is our strong commitment at Garrison Junior Academy to provide best school culture according to their physical, emotional, social, moral growth for sound development.
School Administration and Staff strongly hopes and desires that all parents help us to fulfill this commitment to excellence for all children at Garrison Junior Academy. School and home can work together to build skills and knowledge, reinforce values, and develop a strong sense of self-worth. We must invest our time and energies in our nation’s most valuable resource – our children. Our school motto for this year is “Building Hands Together” towards peace & harmony for our country & future generation.

Mrs. Naurin Fatima
Principal, GJA